ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: [endurance] Endurance List/Appropriate Topics

Re: [endurance] Endurance List/Appropriate Topics

Wed, 31 Jan 1996 12:22:09 -0500

I agree that we should not censor this mail list. I don't have time to barely
(or afford to ) read all the mail that i get from endurance and natural
horseman I had to drop the equine list becasue I didn't have the time, I also
couldn't figure out how to print it out once I had it down loaded.

There are threads that meander off on subjects that some of us would never
think about unless someone else mentioned them and like I have started doing
there is a delete button on my computer. ( I just hope I don't delete
something that I would have been interested in, but I'm sure it will come up
again sooner or later)

So lighten up :-)

Happy Trails
Bobbi & Shai