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Re: [endurance] Trailers & Trucks

Richard Malchetske (n9giv@netam.net)
Wed, 31 Jan 1996 02:31:49 +0000

Karen Chaton wrote:

> Does anybody out there have or know somebody who has a "Brenderup" trailer?
> I've gotten information on them and they look/sound awfully neat. My
> husband has asked me "why does a horse trailer have to weigh a ton"? I'd
> like to hear experiences from people towing this trailer with a lighter tow
> vehicle too.

I met a lady last summer who towed a Brenderup with a mid-size GM auto. She
was very happy with it. Her only issue was that her horse did not like it
and was hard to load.

IMHO, a slant load or stock type trailer is easier on the horse.

Good Luck,

Rancho del Sueno