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[endurance] SPRING FEVER

Robert McAfee (RobertMcAfee@msn.com)
Mon, 29 Jan 96 14:11:11 UT

Try endurance@moscow.com, if you already haven't.. all the addresses
you've tried so far go directly to me..

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Hey Riders Why don't you come March 30th to southern Indiana and ride in our third annual SPRING FEVER 50/25. Very easy to get to - Right off of I-65, 20 minutes from Louisville, KY. Fabulous trails in beautiful Clark State Forestry.

Great Prices. Donuts & Coffee. Head Vet will be Dwight Hooton. Please contact Bob or Lois McAfee on email RobertMcAfee@msn.com. or phone 812-294-1779 or 800-489-5623.