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Re: [endurance] traveling alone

Wendy Milner (wendy@nsmdserv.cnd.hp.com)
Thu, 18 Jan 96 10:56:20 MST

Why carry a knife? Do you know how to use it properly? Do you really
want to get that close to some 6' 200 pound guy that wants to harm you?
Can you get to the knife and use it before he gets to you?
I would not recommend carrying a gun for you. You need the
right training before you should even think about it.

>From your description, you are at risk. It sounds like you are
frightened and that makes you a natural victim. I wish I'd had
some advice when I was your age. I wasn't scared but needed to

Please, get your folks to enroll you in a martial arts class.
Not just a local parks and rec program, but a real class.
Expect to take lessons for at least the next four years.
This will be the best investment of your time you can make
in your entire life. Not only will it help to protect you.
It will help your riding. It will help your confidence.
It will help your school work. Really. And you are the
perfect age to start.

Example: a young girl in one of my classes was a green belt -
about 6 months training. She came home late one night after
a vollyball game. A large man stopped her and tried to
force her into his car. She broke his arm, threw him to the
ground and ran home to daddy. Daddy went looking for him,
but the police caught him first. There was nothing special
about this girl. She was 13. And she saved her own life.

If you need help finding a school, or understanding all the
differences between schools, just e-mail me. I keep a long
file on just such information.


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