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[endurance] traveling alone

Fuchsia Saarinen (fuchsia@mail.mcn.org)
Thu, 18 Jan 1996 09:00:18 -0800 (PST)

I am a small 15 year old equestrian, and I ride a half welsh half arab pony
named Sabrina. In my area it is hard to find riding companions that Sabrina can
keep up with, or people that ride as often as I do. Unfortunately, in order to
access any of the good trails, I have to ride along a 10 mile dirt road that
allows vehicular access. There is a rock quary up this road where even the local
poliece practice target shooting, and further up, it connects to another road
that is paved. Mostly hicks drive out there to illegally hunt deer. All of this
property is legally state protected forest, but the local athorities intend to
leave this issue alone. I carry a knife when I ride alone, and I have a harmless
dog that also often follows along. I am weary of carrying a gun, because 99
percent of the men that drive out where I ride also have guns. How does everyone
else deal with confrontations? What sort of protection would be best? Any
suggestions would be more than helpful. I have not yet been really harassed
(some people ask me questions) but I don't want to be the next on the back of a
mild carton...