ridecamp@endurance.net: re: [endurance] weird things happening in cyberspace

re: [endurance] weird things happening in cyberspace

Tue, 16 Jan 1996 15:19:55 -0800

Nikki and all,

I'm also on Equine-L, which is quite international in scope.
Tommy has shared a couple of items over there (his hunter posts
and a couple of the molasses posts) w/o trimming all the headers.
I don't know if that's it, but that is the only thing I've seen
cross-over from this list onto another list and it was on purpose.

Tommy, did you get any confused responses to any of your E-L posts
in the last couple of days?

I get E-L in digest form, so it was clear to me what was going on.

never confused in San Jose, CA (not!) :-)

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