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Re: [endurance] Molasses

Nancy Cox (ncox@bendnet.com)
Tue, 16 Jan 1996 08:38:36 -0800

At 02:44 PM 1/15/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Okay, now I have even more questions about feeding horses grain/feed with
>1. Has anybody out their fed their endurance horse cob/pelleted feed with
>molasses and had any metabolic problems?
>2. Assuming there are not sufficient amounts of surfactants or chemicals to
>cause problems are there any reasons why molasses itself would be considered
>3. Would feeding molasses cause an endurance horse to have a "sugar high"
>which would result in an energy letdown later on?
>I'm wondering what everybody elses experiences/preferences are. Does
>anybody know if any studies have been done on this subject? I have never
>seen another endurance rider feed sweet feed so surely there have to more
>more reasons why.
>Thanks ~

I fed Sweet feeds in the 70's and had some dark urine and slight tying up
problems. I quit feeding any molasses and have not since then had dark
urine or tying up in the horses I ride.

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