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Re: [endurance] ligament damage

WarholNW (WarholNW@ccmail.apldbio.com)
Mon, 15 Jan 96 08:42:14 PDT

Hi Celina,

My young horse injured himself slightly during the third day of the
Death Valley Encounter, just a few weeks ago. He was going just
great, until he performed one of his patented little spooks at a
historical marker out in the desert. After he went to sniff it, we
continued, but he was suddenly off at the trot. I walked him to the
finish, but he was sore. Below is a summary of what we did for him.

His injury was on 12/30/95 and we have been treating it by icing it
once a day and wrapping it. We originally gave him banamine followed
by bute for a few days and used a wrap of furacin, saran wrap, a quilt
and a bandage to sweat it.
It was ultrasounded on 1/3/95 and compared to the good leg. The horse
was sound after 2 days but the vet found swelling in the check
ligament and the deep flexor tendon. We are currently still icing
until Tuesday (one week) and wrapping with Mineral ice, wet
handi-wipe, a quilt and a bandage.
The leg looks good, the horse is sound, and the vet has recommended
4-6 weeks off to allow the leg to heal. He also recommended
taking the horse to Davis where they have a more accurate
ultrasound and have the leg re-checked.

The poor horse can't figure out what is going on! He gets to do some
great rides in the desert, and now he has to stand around in his stall
for a month. We are going to take my wife's horse to the experts at
Davis to get his stifle checked out, so we will bring this horse along
just as a precaution. The staff at Davis has the best equipment, and
like my vet says- they perform ultrasounds all day and are very good at
it. I like this horse a lot, and want him perfect.

Nick Warhol

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Subject: [endurance] ligament damage
Author: "Celina G. Roberts" <croberts@nmsu.edu> at CCMAIL
Date: 1/6/96 5:43 PM

In November of last year I rode in a particularly rocky 25 miler. At the end
of the race my horse pulled up lame, it turned out that he had a problem with
the interior check ligament. I've stayed off him since (went through the ice
treatment & absorbine) but there is still a small amount
of swelling and appears to be a little heat. Took him to the vets today and
the vet told me that this may
not heal, but advised me that I might start him off slowly and see how he did.
He said that we might consider a "blister job".
Has anyone had experience with interior check ligament damage or a blister
treatment or have any advice regarding this?