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Re: [endurance] Packing cellular phones

Roger Garlitz (Rgarlitz@txranger.com)
Fri, 12 Jan 1996 14:31:15 -0600

Well friends, I bit the bullet over the holidays and finally
bought a cellular phone. After our discussion a few weeks
ago I was all set to buy a portable, however, after talking
with friends and the phone store folks I ended up with a
bag phone. The portables have not been effective in the
area of the mountains where we ride.
My dilemma now is that it doesn't fit comfortably in any of
my saddle bags. I prefer pommel bags but the phone is to
heavy, plus I prefer to keep my pommel bags free for
clippers and such. I need a bag for the back or side of my
[english] saddle. Does anyone have any
recommendations? I don't want anything big and bulky.

Happy New Year & Where is everybody?

check out have saddle will travel . they make high tech horse packing gear.
go to http://www.txranger.com/ccranch/havesaddle.html

if you call for a catalog tell them where you saw theitr information.

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