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Re[2]: [endurance] electrolytes?

Dominique Freeman (fadjurs@sadandy.hpl.hp.com)
Wed, 3 Jan 1996 06:57:27 -0700 (PST)

I do carry these (amongst others) but the Endurolytes (Butler)
are the most popular, especially for the endurance riders
because of the soluble calcium. Jeannie (Waldron) spent
a lot of time and effort developing these and working with
Butler to get the correct formulation. (I am placing an order
this week, so if you are interested let me know. They run $35
for a 5lb bottle and usually last me a normal season of several
100's and 50's for two horses).

The important thing to check when buying electrolytes
(amongst other ions such as K+, Mg2+ HP04-, Na+, Cl- HC03-, S04- etc)
is the *solubility* of the calcium provided in the mix.

The carbonate is very insoluble, and calcium also exists in nature as
the (insoluble)tartrate, oxalate and together with Mg as the *highly* insoluble
mixed salt of phytic acid (hexaphosphoric ester of inositol)
present in cereals (e.g. relevant consideration in what you feed
your horse daily).

>From a nutritional standpoint, the absorption of calcium presents
a *big* problem because of the insolubility of most calcium salts.
Since one of the major roles of calcium is the responsibility for
the contractile properties of muscle, transmission of the nerve impulse,
and the response to muscle neural activity (amongst others) its
important that calcium be available in metabolically usable (soluble) form.

The major form ingested in food is calcium phosphate which readily
dissolves in the pH of the stomach.

Under race conditions, calcium is being used at a rate greater than
can be supplied by feed alone, hence the use of electrolytes. Calcium in
the form of chloride or acetate achieves the needed solubility.

The Butler endurolytes are the only commercially obtainable electrolytes
that have this formulation. This doesn't stop you going to the store,
buying these inorganic salts and balancing your own formula, which some
people also do. Buying them does guarantee reagent grade chemicals as
well as guaranteed analysis on salts and trace minerals. My only "beef"
with Butler is that they wont put this great mix into a honey or glucose
base for dosing by syringe orally (as did the company Eudamonics).
This would allow you to carry them in your fanny pack, instead of mixing them
up fresh every vet check in applesauce.

Hope this helps,


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