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Re: [endurance] Another Calif horse for sale.

Fri, 29 Sep 1995 00:19:03 -0400

I have seen this horse and think she is great! She's real pretty, very
willing to go but is very calm. I think she would be great at endurance. My
sister wanted to buy her but Karen wasn't selling her at the time :-( and
my sister has since found another horse. She's a real sweet horse. Tammy
Her message follows:

In a message dated 95-09-27 21:05:16 EDT, Karen wrote:

>Am toying with the idea of selling one of my mares-not enough
>time, expenses on 3 getting hard to keep up with.
>ARab/TWH mare, grey. 8 years old. Just under 15.2. Very big
>boned and strong. Chance would be great for a heavyweight rider,
>and also ideal for multi day rides, as she is calm in strange
>places, and eats and drinks regardless!
>She had 90 days working cattle as a 4-5 year old, then 3 years
>trail and state park patrol. She passed the State Park patrol
>test, and goes through water, opens gates, carries noisy stuff
>on the saddle, trailers, ties, pickets, hobbles, and all that
>good stuff. I rode her all 4 days at Pt.Reyes, and she didn't
>look like she had been ridden at all, or lost any weight.
>She is not one of those horses that "sucks up" in the gut.
>She also had about 6 months English basics before I got her,
>and was jumping 3 or so ft.
>She is sound, in good condition, and has 8 " cannnons.
>I am asking $2,000 or best offer.
>Karen Sullivan