ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Another Calif horse for sale.

[endurance] Another Calif horse for sale.

Sullys Maze (Sully@Forsythe.Stanford.EDU)
Wed, 27 Sep 95 16:32:22 PDT

Am toying with the idea of selling one of my mares-not enough
time, expenses on 3 getting hard to keep up with.

ARab/TWH mare, grey. 8 years old. Just under 15.2. Very big
boned and strong. Chance would be great for a heavyweight rider,
and also ideal for multi day rides, as she is calm in strange
places, and eats and drinks regardless!

She had 90 days working cattle as a 4-5 year old, then 3 years
trail and state park patrol. She passed the State Park patrol
test, and goes through water, opens gates, carries noisy stuff
on the saddle, trailers, ties, pickets, hobbles, and all that
good stuff. I rode her all 4 days at Pt.Reyes, and she didn't
look like she had been ridden at all, or lost any weight.
She is not one of those horses that "sucks up" in the gut.

She also had about 6 months English basics before I got her,
and was jumping 3 or so ft.

She is sound, in good condition, and has 8 " cannnons.

I am asking $2,000 or best offer.

Karen Sullivan