ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: [endurance] new Christmas card(Color!)

Re: [endurance] new Christmas card(Color!)

Thu, 28 Sep 95 09:59 PST

Arne Smith wrote:
> Heidi has created another wonderful Christmas card directed to us
>enduracne riders. This card is a color portrayal of Santa swooping over a
>group of endurance riders. Their horses are less than thrilled as the
>reindeer "buzz" the trail. The cards is beautifully detailed with endurance
>tack, water bottles and trail ribbons. The color card has a holiday message
>inside and the price includes postage and envelopes. They sell for: $ 7.50
>for 5 or $19.75 for 15
>We still have our original black and white card on glossy cardstock. It has
>Santa, riding his endurance horse, #25 , at night over a ranch. Santa is
>carrying a bag of toys, his beautiful horse is equipped with a breast collar
>and he's carrying a sponge and wearing leggings. The artistic quality is very
>good on both cards. The original card sells for:
> $ 9.50 for 15
>or $25.00 for 50

I have samples of both cards - and I REALLY like the new colored one.
A definite must for all endurance riders to send to their families/friends
during the Holidays. I am certainly going to be ordering some of them.

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