ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] new Christmas card(Color!)

[endurance] new Christmas card(Color!)

Thu, 28 Sep 1995 00:13:43 -0400

Heidi has created another wonderful Christmas card directed to us
enduracne riders. This card is a color portrayal of Santa swooping over a
group of endurance riders. Their horses are less than thrilled as the
reindeer "buzz" the trail. The cards is beautifully detailed with endurance
tack, water bottles and trail ribbons. The color card has a holiday message
inside and the price includes postage and envelopes. They sell for: $ 7.50
for 5
or $19.75 for 15

We still have our original black and white card on glossy cardstock. It has
Santa, riding his endurance horse, #25 , at night over a ranch. Santa is
carrying a bag of toys, his beautiful horse is equipped with a breast collar
and he's carrying a sponge and wearing leggings. The artistic quality is very
good on both cards. The original card sells for:
$ 9.50 for 15
or $25.00 for 50

Curious but not sure? Send $2.50 and get a sample of both cards and four
postcards with endurance themes.

Send orders to
Carlos4000 Productions
82069 Lost Creek Road
Dexter, Or 97431


Arne, Heidi and Carlos(Who's now on his way to 5000 miles)