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[endurance] Re: Directions

Dominique Freeman (fadjurs@sadandy.hpl.hp.com)
Wed, 27 Sep 1995 12:07:39 -0600 (PDT)


Directions to Los Vaqueros 50/25 from the Bay Area

Get on to 580 E from 680 (or at Donna's, 580 E). Continue east
to Livermore, and at the last Livermore exit (Vasco Road) exit
towards Brentwood. Continue about 12 miles to the first light,
go through and turn right on to Marsh Creek Road at the second light
(look for Arata fruit stand on the right). Continue to the end of
Marsh Creek which terminates to Hwy 4 (pretend you are Going to
Brentwood Oaks up to this point). I am going to take you the failsafe
(slighly longer) way into the park. Stay on Hwy 4 (W) through Brentwood,
Oakley and into Antioch. Take the Sommersville road exit (south/right)
and this will dump you straight into the park. If you are coming east
along Hwy 4, take the Sommersville exit and stay right.

We will have ribbons on Sommersville. You will come to a white gate (flagged,
Park boundary), go through this (do not continue sharp left) and base
camp is about 1 - 1 1/2 miles up this road. You will pass the fee station,
and ride parking is on the right hand side in the meadow.
Registration will be on your left. Base camp is the site for all vet checks.

Water has to be trucked into the park and this should arrive about 1 p.m. If
you arrive before then, refrain from using park water at the Ranger station
or risk the wrath of Roger the Ranger! Remeber there is no human drinking water.
Someone will be there to greet you since I will probably be out marking trail.
Vet check-in starts around 4 p.m. Melissa Ribley will be our head veterinarian.
Donna will be checking you in.

Ride meeting will start promptly at 8 at the ranger station. Any questions
you can call me at work (415) 857-8596, and til thursday night at home
(510) 634-4412, after which I will be on site for the ride.

Looking forward to seeing you,


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