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[endurance] Headwaters of the Rogue

Nancy Cox (ncox@bendnet.com)
Tue, 26 Sep 1995 08:35:09 -0700

There was a good turn out for the AERC Championship Ride. We barely made it
into the campground, our trailer is a on the long side. The important thing
is we did make it with no scrapes or scratches.

I didn't get the official results but what I recall is

100 Mile

1 - Linda Johnson, Tron 14:15?
2 - Ona Lawrence,her husbands horse 14:15.1 BC
3 - Carol Crawford, Tom Jones' horse 14:19
4 - Duane Brown
5 - Lari Shea
other completors, not sure of placings and not a complete list
Dennis Tribby, Saber
Phillip Fox, Kossak 1st JR, BC
Dominique Freeman
Robert Ribley
Janet Hunter
Suzanne Huff
Joyce Sousa, Jim Bob
Kathy Murphy, Hammer 23:15 (approx)
my memory just went blank

50 Miler

1 - Starly Pupke, Kelsay
2 -
3 - Robert Caldwell,
4 - Sharon Westergaard, Tommy BC
5 -
6 - Nancy Cox, Mister Shadrach 7:00
7 - Glen Cox, Zeno Fire 7:00
8 - Betty Edgar, DezHallany?
9 -
10 - Leighsa Rosendaul
11 -
12 - Gary Rosendaul, Kona !0th Consecutive ride Sandybaar Award

28 - Beth Cokenour, Kartune
29 - Tim Hanson, Sylvester

next time I'm at a ride, I'll try to remember and get the results.

The trail was mostly trail, rock, roots, turns, cliffs, creeks, river up,
down, and up some more. Very technical and beautiful. Was a great ride for
the championship. Horsemanship was critical for a completion.

Breakfast Sunday before awards.

Shadrach took a fall on a very narrow trail with a river a long ways below.
He landed on me, took his time to figure out how to get up, not hurt me, and
stay on the trail. If he had stepped off, it would have been the end for
him. I thank God for watching out for us. He is one fantastic horse, we
are a team.