ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: [endurance] Any recommendations for good endurance saddle girth?

Re: [endurance] Any recommendations for good endurance saddle girth?

Jim Ferris (jferris@cwa.com)
Tue, 26 Sep 95 07:37:55 PDT

> Pam Haynes said....
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> >-- [ From: Pam Haynes * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --
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> >I have observed that many endurance riders ride with a very loose girth. I
> >have often seen a girth so loose you could pass a hand between the girth and
> >the horse. I have observed this with different girths, horses and riders,
> >so there seems to be nothing in common. Obviously this requires a very
> >balanced rider. It has been my experience that a breast collar and crupper
> >help keep the saddle positioned properly, and even on my rather rotund mare,
> >I don't have much side-to-side slippage.
> I've often wondered about tight girths vs. loose girths.....
> With a loose girth, even with a crupper and breast collar, aren't
> you having the saddle move back and forth a lot on the horse's
> basck, and isn't that a potential problem ? Would it be better
> to girth down tightly and have the saddle stay in one place, also
> using crupper and breast collar ?
> Ann & Summer, who has an amazingly comfortable trot, so
> we may not call ourselves the Gaited Gang for ever
This may be true. but, if I ride 8 hrs in a tight girth, my horse always
ends up with girth galls. So I have gotten used to riding a loose girth
and I dont even use a crupper. BTW, I am a very heavyweight rider on a
15hh arab that I ride in NATRC.

-Jim Ferris
Morgan Hill, CA