ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: [endurance] Any recommendations for good endurance saddle girth?

Re: [endurance] Any recommendations for good endurance saddle girth?

Truman Prevatt (prevatt@lds.loral.com)
Tue, 26 Sep 1995 09:22:24 -0400

Several years ago Lawton Johnson noticed that his horse was getting some
girth gauls from the sand on a FL ride. Sand getting thown up and getting
in the girth area is a problem in FL as it probably is also in other parts
of the country. At the last vet check Lawton took off the girth put the
saddle. His pit crew held the opposite side stirrup while he mounted and
he rode the last 13 miles without a girth. The saddle stayed in place the
whole way.

I like to ride with my girth tight enough so that the HRM works but no tighter.


>I've often wondered about tight girths vs. loose girths.....
>With a loose girth, even with a crupper and breast collar, aren't
>you having the saddle move back and forth a lot on the horse's
>basck, and isn't that a potential problem ? Would it be better
>to girth down tightly and have the saddle stay in one place, also
>using crupper and breast collar ?
>Ann & Summer, who has an amazingly comfortable trot, so
>we may not call ourselves the Gaited Gang for ever


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