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WarholNW (WarholNW@ccmail.apldbio.com)
Mon, 25 Sep 95 12:51:24 PDT

I also have been using these stirrups for the past couple of years,
and agree with Dave's assessment. They make it easier to balance as
well due to the large contact patch for your foot. My new Zes saddle
also came with theses stirrups. Very good product.


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Subject: [endurance] Stirrups
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Date: 9/25/95 4:35 AM

There seems to be a lot of interest in stirrups...

I would not part with my E-Z Ride Stirrups. My saddle came with some good
nylon stirrups that had some give, but these are much better. They are made
of black anodized aluminum alloy so they are strong and virtually
indestructible. The tread is a platform (literally) that is 4" by 5-1/2" wide
and has 1/2" neoprene cushioning and 3M non-slip material. I can ride in
comfortable cross-trainers and not get the "little toe numbs" that have been a
problem in the past. They are available plain, with the nylon toe guards, and
leather covered. Finally, the price is reasonable...

I got them from Equine Performance Products in Pilot Hill, CA.
Phone is (916) 933-5538

Dave Bennett
e-mail: idj3q.office@mhs-tva.attmail.com