ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: [endurance] Any recommendations for good endurance saddle girth?

Re: [endurance] Any recommendations for good endurance saddle girth?

Nancy Cox (ncox@bendnet.com)
Mon, 25 Sep 1995 11:50:59 -0700

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>Subject: Re: [endurance] Any recommendations for good endurance saddle girth?
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>From: Pam Haynes <phaynes@RMCI.NET>
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>I have observed that many endurance riders ride with a very loose girth. I
>have often seen a girth so loose you could pass a hand between the girth and
>the horse. I have observed this with different girths, horses and riders,
>so there seems to be nothing in common. Obviously this requires a very
>balanced rider. It has been my experience that a breast collar and crupper
>help keep the saddle positioned properly, and even on my rather rotund mare,
>I don't have much side-to-side slippage.
>One way of checking your balance is to stand on side-by-side bathroom scales
>. The weights should be identical on both scales. Many people are "one
>sided", thus causing saddle slippage to one side.
>Hope this helps.
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>Date: Saturday, 23-Sep-95 06:45 PM
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>Subject: [endurance] Any recommendations for good endurance saddle girth?
>I have a wonderful endurance saddle (made by the Arabian Saddle Company).
> The only problem is that when I'm riding trails all day (up and down steep
>hills), the girth (a leather one) somehow isn't keeping my saddle in place .
> (It's lightweight and so am I.) I tighten it throughout the day (I even
>have strong male friends tighten it for me) but my saddle unfailingly slips
>to the side (ever so gradually and sometimes not so gradually on rugged
>terrain when I need it the most). The girth was so tight by the end of the
>last time I rode that my horse had some puffy girth sores (ouch!). I've
>tried a cloth girth--that was even worse. Now, the owner of a local tack
>store has recommended what they call a Eurogirth (looks like extremely thick
>, somewhat coarse cloth--to the tune of $99). The Eurogirth is suppose to
>be all the rage in European riding circles. Frankly, I don't give a damn
>what's the "in" thing; I just want something that's going to keep my saddle
>in place for the long haul and not cause my horse discomfort. I have talked
>to a few people about neoprene girths--some say they're great; others say
>they wear too much on the horse's hide. Then, I hear about biothane girths-
>-but will such a girth keep my saddle in place? AGGGHHH! I'm sooo
>confused! I don't know of anyone 'round here who rides as hard as I do (on
>an English-style endurance saddle, at least), so I'm not sure I'm getting
>information from people who know what is needed for challenging trail riding
>on a saddle like mine. Now, I'm asking what ya'all out there think? I'd
>like to find a girth that fits the bill without going broke trying to find
>it! Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me. Send suggestions to
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