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[endurance] knees

Fri, 22 Sep 1995 14:31:16 -0400

Well., I just got started at this last year ( age 40 ) and several things
have helped me this year.
1. Take drugs. Aspirin-tylenol-etc, before-during and after the ride. It
does help.
2. I am a heavyweight also, but start walking-jogging or going to the gym.,
I finally found a riding buddy that is also now going to the gym with me on
a regular basis. The REGULAR BASIS part cannot be emphisised enough.
3. Ride.
4. Ride some more. I look back on the past year and I can really see a
difference in my endurance. My knees don't start to go until after 20 miles
now and only if we have lots of downhills.. It must be working. My horse
and I almost have our "250 mile " patch in one years time. That is a lot of
riding when you only do it in 25-30 mile rides, instead of 50 at a time like
some people do. But now at the end of a 25, we are ready to go for more,
not just collapse somewhere, and have to use my hands on my knees to get me
into the trailer to load my horse after the ride! Yes, it's the small things
do count. And we are shooting for our first 50 real soon.

Tevis '96 oo rah!

best of luck on those knees!