ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Green Horn goes *25*!!

[endurance] Green Horn goes *25*!!

The Purple Demon (purpl2@teleport.com)
Wed, 20 Sep 1995 15:46:23 -0700 (PDT)

Hi All!

I'm so proud of my horse and I! We did 25 miles for the first time on
Sunday!! It was *VERY TOUGH* mountain terrain, with some *REALLY* ugly
spots. But we did it! It took us awhile (too long probly) but
considering it was unknown territory, and we were alone, I think we did
well. I did, however, discover some tack problems I need to fix. My
mare was tender in her girth area (looks like I need one of those fancy
neoprene girths I hear so much about). We were both tired and sore, but
not too much so. Except my knees...... Which brings me to a couple of
questions I have.....

Anyone else have arthritic knees?? How do you deal with them? I use
lot's of DMSO.

Also, I had been hoping to buy the saddle that I borrowed from a friend.
But doesn't look like I'll be able to. I am now an english convert, and
need to choose an english type saddle that will fit both me (I'm
rather...errr...large) and my horse (large Arabian with small withers).
Did anyone else see the ad for a Pathfinder Endurance Saddle in the new
Trail Blazer Magazine??? Anyone have one? I know that a saddle debate
has been going on for a while....

Finally, I was so sad to read about the lady whose horse died on the
recent ride. My husband and I feel so deeply for her. I would like her
to know that she has our deepest sympathies, and is in my prayers.

Marisa The Purple Demon --,'-@