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Lucia Humphrey (laneyh@ix.netcom.com)
Wed, 13 Sep 1995 11:43:26 -0700

Sandy wrote:
>Second question...what kind of Orthos do you all use? Has anyone
ridden in
>the Patriot? How does it compare with the Endurance Cutback? And who
might be
>using the Skyhorse, Sportsaddle or a Marciante? Feedback?Sandy
I've ridden Tara over 1000 miles in a used Marciante which I bought
thru an ad in AERC News. She has never had any back problems (she is
fairly narrow but with good withers and well sprung ribs.)I sent the
saddle back to Frank Marciante for reconditioning a few months ago. He
is very nice to deal with and tried hard to please. The saddle has a
shallow 15" seat and is very lightweight which makes is best for a
feather or light weight rider. The stirrups are centered and swing
easily enough; the rigging is adjustable. My only complaint is that
the rigging rings and knot are under my knees but Marciante offers a
dropped rigging girth (as well as a great deal on a closed cell pad!).
The saddle is built on panels like english and australian saddle but
has good weight distribution. I would prefer it if the ends of the
panels were curved up a bit more as extra prevention against digging
into shoulder and loins but I have never had a problem. I would say
that if you have an easy to fit horse (good withers and fairly level
back) and are not overly large or heavy yourself, the Marciante is
worth considering!
I've also ridden about 4000 miles in a Sharon Saare on a different
horse. It didn't fit me very well because the stirrups are hung far
forward and the twist is wide. That meant I was always loosing my
stirrup because I couldn't get them back far enough and my left leg
went to sleep because of pinching under my seatbone.
I don't believe that one saddle is "better" than another, they
just fit different people and horses differently!
By the way, I am writing a booklet on how to choose an endurance
saddle. I'm aiming for a winter/early spring publication date and you,
my 'net friends, will be the first to know!
Happy trails,