ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] neoprene girths - the decision

[endurance] neoprene girths - the decision

Rider (rider@hpbs4669.boi.hp.com)
Wed, 13 Sep 95 12:22:04 MDT

Wow! Thanks so much for all your comments. Everyone has had positive experiences
with neoprene girths. So, since that is the only girth I can find to
work with my saddle, I will order one. BTW, I am a fanatic about cleanliness
and always hose off the saddle pad and girth after every ride. I think it
goes a long way toward preventing sores. I have also noticed that the
Aussie stock saddle that I have cinches further back than my western
all purpose saddle which also helps prevents sores behind the elbows. One
of my horses will develop sores behind the elbows if I use a fluffy cinch
instead of a string cinch with my western saddle.
Thanks for all the comments.
     - Ellen