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[endurance] TWH

Carol Boardman (Carol.Boardman@Dartmouth.EDU)
13 Sep 95 10:10:07 EDT

For those of you out there who do CTRs with TWH - do you find that the vets
have a hard time telling if the horse is travelling sound? The sister of a
friend was pulled from the Vermont 100 over Labor Day weekend because the vet
"thought" there was something "not quite right" in her gait but admitted he
couldn't tell if it was a real lameness or just the way she normally travelled.
To say that Kathy was upset is putting it mildly. I've since heard that many
owners of TWH have this problem at CTR in the northeast area. Maybe it's
because we don't see many of that breed. Thoughts?

Carol Bushway-Boardman in Vermont