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Ken & Oogie McGuire (desertweyr@powergrid.electriciti.com)
Wed, 13 Sep 95 07:12 PDT

>Thanks! I am so ignorant about bloodlines, and only know that two of mine
>are decently bred (Gdansk on top, Crabett on the bottom and the other
What are the registered names and numbers of your horses? I have the
entire US studbook and can access the world Arabian stud book via my
computer. I'd like to see what they are.

Crabbet (only one t <g>) was the English stud founded in the late 1800's
by Wilfred and Lady Anne Blunt. Their daughter Judith Wentworth is the
Lady Wentworth that is frequently referenced in English breeding records.
Lady Anne also founded a stud in Egypt at Sheyk Obeyd (sp?) that later
formed the nucleus of EAO breeding although the Egyptian government
significantly changed the breeding program. W.R. Brown traveled to the
desert in the early 1900's and also imported horses from Crabbet and from
Lady Anne's stud in Egypt. He founded Maynesboro. He also provided many
stallions for the US Army remount program and one of his horses, Crabbet,
a chestnut gelding was a many time winner in the mounted races that were
the precurser to endurance racing. Maynesboro retired one of the
challenge cups for long distnace riding and had many top places in the
Army cross country events. WHen Maynesboro was disbursed the only 2 folks
with enough money to buy the horses were W.R. Hearst Sr. and W.K.
Kellogg. Hearst had had some info from Davenport about horses since
Davenport was a cartoonist for the Hearst papers. Hearst sent an
expedition to the desert and got a number of horses but very few bred on
successfully. We have grandaughters of that importation and some of our
pedigrees get back to horses foaled in the 1800's within 6 generations.

The CMK horses are a unique group genetically and their appearance is
also very different from "modern" show ring Arabians. IMO they are the
real Arabian of the desert and the best horses in the world. <g>

I've never heard of Jean Jetts, can you tell me who she is and what the
title is of her book? Some of my favorite references include the series
on imported foundation stock by Carol Mulder and the old books by W.R.
Brown, Herbert Reese, Mary Jane Parkinson and Homer Davenport. I've also
got several books from Australia that are fascinating reading.


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