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[endurance] re: gaited horses

Tue, 12 Sep 1995 13:53:53 -0400 (EDT)

katie Peterson wrote:
<How do the gaited breeds such as the Kentucky Mountain Saddle
<Horse or the Paso Fino measure up?

Katie, I compete with a Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse! Redbud,
who I usually refer to as a Racking Horse, is reg. KMSH.

I just started competing last year, and have done 25, 30, and
2-day 50 mile Competitive Trail Rides with him. He scored very
well and placed 4-6 in the rides we rode in.

I also have a TWH that I am starting also. We did her first ride,
a 20 mile novice, last month. She placed 7th overall (21 horses).

In the novice ride, there were 8 gaited horses - 4 TWH, 2 Paso Finos,
a Rocky Mountain, and a Racking Horse. I think we will see more
and more competing......

Jude Hall
Enjoying the "glide ride"