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Re: [endurance] Fort Valley Ride

WarholNW (WarholNW@ccmail.apldbio.com)
Tue, 12 Sep 95 09:33:00 PDT

The rule was changed not to long ago to include a two day multi day
ride as a qualifier for ROC. It has to be a two day multi day of at
least fifty miles each, so I don't think a two day 100 mile ride
counts. The qualifications are any combination of one day 100s and
multi days of at least 100 miles, and the rider has to have done at
least one one-day 100.


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Subject: [endurance] Fort Valley Ride
Author: "Katherine J. Brunjes" <brunjes@saturn.caps.maine.edu> at CCMAIL
Date: 9/12/95 9:11 AM

I posted this message last week, and then today sent it to the wrong
address, so here goes again - sorry to be such a pest, but we all need to
know the answer to this, before we make plans .....

Does anyone know is the Fort Valley ride 100 mile (2-day) is a qualifying
ride for the ROC, or is the three-day 150 mile the qualifying ride? Have
not had much success in contacting anyone to get this info; we know that
Susan Gibson is the ride manager, but cannot get in touch via" phone.....

There are 6 in Maine who are interested in going to this, and originally
were planning on the 2-day 100, but since the 3rd category/ride has just
been added (3-day 150 miles), will the 100 mile still count as a
qualifying ride?

Awaiting in Maine
Kathy Brunjes
Irving McNaughton
Kathy Downs
Norma House
April Buck
Jane Graffam