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Re: [endurance] Saddles

Samm C Bartee (bartesc@mail.auburn.edu)
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 15:34:37 -0500 (CDT)

I do have two saddles made by Marilyn at Desoto Custom, but I use them on
five different horses. My stallion is built with a very straight back,
and is just a little harder to fit than an ordinary horse--arab or
otherwise--but I was trying a new horse, an Appy, and my stallions saddle
fit him quite nicely. My first saddle, made for my outstanding trail
partner Sir Revel, fits most of the other horses that I either own or
ride for other people. Since I am a HEAVYWEIGHT rider, it is most
important for the saddle to fit right. Some of my lighter friends can
get away with a poorly fitting saddle due to their weight. While it is
true that all horses backs are different, most people will pick another
horse that is very much like the first one.--I know that there are
exceptions!!! Anyway, in the three years that I have owned a Desoto
saddle, I have not had a problem with fit on any other horses that I have
owned. No matter what type saddle you buy, good luck.