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Re: [endurance] Desitin and the removal there of

C.M.Newell (reshan@ultranet.com)
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 13:30:43 -0400

>15th Annual Spur of the Moment 50
>27 starts-24 finish I think .....

Close, Lois. 24 starts, 21 finished. (I oughtta know--I pulled 'em!)
Actually, a good ride. Only 3 pulls, one at the finish, and all 3 were
lameness, but not *severe*--just too lame to continue.
And thanks again to Dr. Susan Montgomery, who leapt into the breach
to be out 2nd DVM at the last minute!
(contentedly munching a jelly-filled cruller...)
"The expression in a horse's eye is like a blessing on a good man's house."
--Sayied iben-el Rabil, quoting the Prophet