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Re: [endurance] Desitin and the removal there of

Lois Crowley (lcrowley@ctron.com)
Mon, 11 Sep 95 12:22:41 PDT

15th Annual Spur of the Moment 50
27 starts-24 finish I think .....
Placings that I can remember- I was in a semi-conscious state at awards-
1st and Best Condition, Norma House - Song of Shalimar 4:27
2nd Connie Walker - ?
3rd someone from Penn.?
4th Melissa Walker - ?
Kathy Downs
Sue Corr
someone else from Penn,
Cindy Simcox
Margret(?) from Maine

A fellow from New York by the name of John Kramer(?) and I took turns
dragging each other in. I was #13 and finished 13th in 7:38. I Bested my time
of 2 years ago by an hour but still haven't done better than the first time I
did it in 7 hours flat. (I had a real good pit crew that time). My New Pit
crew (Hubby) is still learning. I've got to get him to stop reading his book
and falling asleep at the stops. Oh well at least he goes to the stops.
Happy trails
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