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Stephanie Teeter (step@sunfish.fsr.com)
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 07:31:13 -0700

I've found that discussing endurance saddles can be about like
discussing religion and politics...

Anyway, in regards to Ortho-Flex, I've put 2500 miles on my Orthoflex
cutback, 3 different horses and no major problems. I've had
to have some stitching repaired (at a local shoe-shop) but that's
the only problem I've had. No adverse effects on the backs of any
of my horses - always A's before and after rides. I *have* found that
their sales force and management can be fairly disorganized - its
possible to get several different answers to the same question.
But I have not found another saddle that feels as comfortable and
balanced to me as the cutback.

Steph Teeter

>>>>> "NELSON" == NELSON BLACKMORE <parrots@magicnet.net> writes:

> 3 years ago my wife and I both bought new Ortho-Flex saddles
> because we wanted the best possible saddle to compete with.
> What Fools we were. From the very start we had saddle problems
> any time we rode 20-30 miles at a competitive pace. These
> included dry spots & blistering on the withers. The Ortho-flex
> people blamed these problems on an ever changing list of
> reasons: Poor riding form, inproper positioning of the saddles,
> poorley collected horses and any number of other half baked
> explainations. The bottom line is we spent two years listing to
> them and trying to correct the problems. In that time
> Ortho-flex took no responsibility & never displayed any concern
> for their customers or our horses. Responsible concern for
> customer service did not occur in our case. We've been riding
> competive trail & endurance for 3 years and have met a lot of
> competing riders who USED TO OWN A ORTHO-FLEX and no longer do
> for the same reasons. We both now ride Desota Custom Saddles by
> Marilyn Horstmyer and have never had any problem from the first
> day we rode them. Nelson & Annette Blackmore AVIAN EXOTICS INC.
> 495 First St. Geneva Fl. 32732 407-349-9796