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[endurance] saddles

NELSON BLACKMORE (parrots@magicnet.net)
Sat, 9 Sep 1995 22:52:22 -0400

3 years ago my wife and I both bought new Ortho-Flex saddles because we
wanted the best possible saddle to compete with. What Fools we were. From
the very start we had saddle problems any time we rode 20-30 miles at a
competitive pace. These included dry spots & blistering on the withers. The
Ortho-flex people blamed these problems on an ever changing list of reasons:
Poor riding form, inproper positioning of the saddles, poorley collected
horses and any number of other half baked explainations. The bottom line is
we spent two years listing to them and trying to correct the problems. In
that time Ortho-flex took no responsibility & never displayed any concern
for their customers or our horses. Responsible concern for customer service
did not occur in our case. We've been riding competive trail & endurance
for 3 years and have met a lot of competing riders who USED TO OWN A
ORTHO-FLEX and no longer do for the same reasons. We both now ride Desota
Custom Saddles by Marilyn Horstmyer and have never had any problem from the
first day we rode them.
Nelson & Annette Blackmore
495 First St. Geneva Fl.