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Dominique Freeman (fadjurs@sadandy.hpl.hp.com)
Wed, 6 Sep 1995 08:36:37 -0600 (PDT)

I agree with you. I would also like to respond to Lari's communique in
that we all understand that managing a ride, promotong the sport and
putting together one of the better magazines of our sport is time consuming.

Let us not forget though, that Susan does this full time and has an
editorial staff (full time) for TB as well as friends and local ride
committee for ROC who work tirelessly (without complaint) to
help put on the ride (Donnis, *you* are wonderful....).

As well meaning as Susan is, and goodness knows she is one of the best at
putting together (world class) events and promoting the hell out of them, her attention
to detail, and follow-through has always (and I suspect will continue to be)
difficult for those who interact with her, whether it be editors of the
magazine, columnists (Lari, I don't know if you ever picked up the glaring typo
in that wonderful article you wrote about your trip to South America, but
we're still trying to figure out what a "Guacho" is [sic}!; those of you who
regularly ride ROC will be familiar with the blessing of the "breasts" (beasts)
prayer before th ride start, no amount of editorial comments have managed to change
that typo, so it is now an institution); and not to mention sponsors of the ROC
and advertisers in TB who put up with slipping deadlines, last minute contract
changes, and unasked for edits.

Those of us who have been dealing with Susan for the last 5 - 10 years love her,
warts and all and know that:-
(a) the best way to get a reply is by FAX (you can forget leaving a message and
getting an answer), (b) write a contract for any business interaction
(c) jog her memory periodically about committments.

I am really glad that people are able to voice their concerns (and remember none
of it has been nasty or out of line) about not getting their TB issues. I suspect
that Debbie Laberge reads her email and has probably transmitted some of the concerns
of the subscribers. It is a legitimate way to engage the topic - after all if
customers are not happy ( and phone or visits seem not to work), an interactive
newsletter seems an appropriate way for the readership to address the problem.
After all, most of us look forward to our TB issues for cutting edge articles, decent
product reviews and in depth columns that are targeted to our particular sport
be it endurance, competitve trail, or ride and tie.

Lets take a positive attitude, I suggest that all of you who are missing TB issues,
or not getting them at all, mail me the specifics (e.g. subscription start date,
length and what issues you are missing, your name and address of course) and I
will compile this information and forward it to Susan. If you care to send a message
with your information, I will also forward this. Those of you not getting your
Pit Crew Patches, ROC awards etc can do the same. Susan will then have the information,
and do with it what she will. I suspect you will receive either your issues, patches
or at least an answer to your requests.

Best regards,

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