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[endurance] Re: Trail Blazer Magazine

Wed, 6 Sep 1995 06:51:08 -0400

Just a note to respond to Lari Shea's letter regarding Trail Blazer magazine
I have repeatedly contacted Susan regarding both my subscription and the
Trail Blazer Pit crew, Ride Manager, Vet Awards Program she started a couple
of years ago. I understand that she is up front in promoting our sport and
does a wonderful (impossible) job with ROC. Just a suggestion, though.
Subscribers deserve an answer to correspondence after 3 months of
frustration. Perhaps just a note written by some kind of assistant would
alleviate all our frustrations over the summer. I think Susan does a
magnificent job with Trail Blazer, or I wouldn't be so frustrated with not
getting issues or pit crew patches, etc that had been earned in the spring!
My frustration was really for my pit crew husband who works so hard. I
thought the Pit crew awards were a marvelous idea. I'll get off my soap box
now. May be even change the distribution of the magazine to exclude an issue
around ROC time! We wouldn't have minded, if only we knew.

Linda Sherrill