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Re: [endurance] learning the hard way...

Sallijan Snyder (sallijan@ix.netcom.com)
Mon, 4 Sep 1995 12:21:20 -0700

Leslie wrote:
>I learned a lesson this past weekend, the hard way, and unfortunately at the
>expense of my horse. I realized that I rode her too long and too hard. Up

> My horse ended up with a very sore back, possibly scalded. Several folks
>said that they had experienced similar problems, after using the Skito pad.
> Anyone else out there have heat problems with this particular pad???

No, but I've never ridden as hard as some of you folks do. A long ride for
us is anything over 2 hours or 10 miles. Picardia did 4.5 hours and 12-15
miles on Saturday, and came back in fine shape (tired, but no other
problems). She was ready to go again the next morning so she's in better
shape than I thought.

If it makes you feel any better, you weren't the only one who overdid.
My SO Ron's horse, Almendrado, came off Saturday's ride with a swelling on
his withers and some nasty girth sores. Al is fat and out of shape, plus Ron
seldom tightens the girth enough to prevent the saddle from slipping...plus
he has a tendency to slouch to one side a bit (he's gotten better, but I
still catch him doing it sometimes). Al's a tough little guy and is healing
up fine, but I wasn't the least bit surprised that he had a problem. He
couldn't ride Sunday, and I couldn't take Al's buddy away without Al throwing
a terminal fit, so I didn't ride either and we went home early. :-( I really
hope this'll teach Ron a lesson, or at least make him listen to me better
when I try to impart some wisdom. :-|


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