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Re: [endurance] pet peeves

Pamela M. Corley (pcorley@hsc.usc.edu)
Fri, 1 Sep 1995 14:38:23 -0700 (PDT)

As a volunteer I have several suggestions/observations. Volunteers need
to be informed and be able to answer questions or know when it is
inappropriate to provide answers.

Questions from riders vary, but the often the most frequently asked are:
directions/course (i.e. having volunteers point) for limited distance vs.
endurance; miles to finish; has x (rider's name) come by this checkpoint &
when; location of water or next water (for riders and horses); and after
completion -- when (1/2 hr. vs. 1 hr.?) do I present my horse to the vet.

Another issue is how does management want the volunteers to handle rider's
comments/complaints. Comments/complaints can include: lost maps;
unclear maps and/or trail markings; lack of water; accusations regarding
riders not following the course; and questions from bystanders regarding
a horse being pulled. Management should encourage volunteers to pass
along the rider's feedback, both positive and negative.

Management should give volunteers the materials distributed to riders,
especially extra copies of the map. (Keep in mind that some volunteers do
not attend the briefing meeting). Alphabetical and numerical master
list of riders and rider numbers would be useful for each volunteer or each
area (vet checks/finish line).

Pamela Corley

On Wed, 30 Aug 1995, paul roach wrote:

> Hi y'all:
> I'm going to be putting on an endurance ride next year, and I thought
> that I'd solicite your help. It will be my first effort as ride
> manager, and, naturally, I want to get as many things right as
> possible. I thought that it would be helpful, and possibly amusing, to
> collect a list of riders' pet peeves. This might help me aviod making
> some mistakes. (And now that I think of it, a list of ride managers'
> peeves might be even more interesting.) Please don't bother with the
> big headaches; I know that no-one likes a poorly-marked trail or
> discovering that five miles of the trail is on asphalt. But if you
> could help keep me from making a lot of little mistakes, I'll be able
> to keep my riders happier. Thanks,

> Paul Roach