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Re: [endurance] speed downhill

Kathy Myers x3004 (Kathy.MYERS@syntex.com)
Fri, 01 Sep 1995 09:31:08 -0800 (PST)

Hi Again!

~~~~ sigh ~~~~~
I won't post private messages, but perhaps
I should qualify my original message about
how Magnum and I train.

We train to finish. I do not wish to re-injure
his leg so I am not pushing this horse to win.
I am not yet interested in finishing a *real* 50
mile ride in less than 7 hours. Magnum can
really trot out, and yes, I post this fast trot.
As I stated before, he is rather rough at the
trot. We *do* trot downhills.

He lives on a 150 acre pasture. I do not have
to get him out of a stall every day. His
energy does get pent up because he's only
being ridden twice a week, but we do a slow
burn off during our rides. On these rides we
climb anywhere from 600 to 1500 feet. Some
times we climb these hills twice on a ride.

We live
in California so the weather is mild. He's quite
the personable horse after he's been out. He is
getting into better shape, although slowly,
with these twice a week training rides. Some
days we do ring work. With his race horse
background, his body remembers how to
be in shape. I think this might be important
in his training schedule. I think it would be
harder to get him into shape from scratch.

He needs to be fed everyday so I get to see
him. He would be really thin without getting
extra hay and grain and supplements everyday.
This gives me an indication that I am working
him enough. Yes, I am confident that he is in
shape to do the Las Trampas 50 in 3 weeks...
if his leg holds up to the extra miles. We shall
see. The longest I've done with him was the
Fireworks 30. I've been riding him for just over
a year and a half.

Please note that this is working for me on my
*HOT* TB. He won track races and has a lot of
heart. However, he has a self preservation
streak which allows him to also be quiet and
attentive. I lucked out... he has a basic "I'm a
good horse!" temperment.

:) - kat
Magnum the 14yr old TB... who can also be
a b*tthead.