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Re: [endurance] Completion criteria

Joe Long (jlong@HiWAAY.net)
Mon, 28 Aug 1995 19:40:14 -500

For the past several years the AERC standard for completion has been
"fit to continue." The gait portion of this is supposed to be
evaluated at the trot; however, no circling is necessary.

In a nutshell, the principle is that if the final check was being
done at the last vet check on the trail (the horse still had some
more miles to go), would he be allowed to continue? If the answer is
yes, the horse has qualified for completion. If the answer is no,
the horse is disqualified and does not get a completion.

"Fit to continue" applies to the full examination, metabolic as well as

The examining vet is allowed to take into consideration that there is
no safety hazard regarding the horse going into inaccessable country,
and should not pull horses for ordinary muscle soreness or stiffness.
That is, at a vet check on the trail the decision in a marginal case
must be on the side of safety (pull), where at the final check in a
marginal case the decision should be on the side of completion.

As this exam can be done anytime within one hour of finishing (for
rides 50 miles and up), it is to the rider's advantage to present the
horse as soon as possible -- which favors proper pacing as well as
good recoveries.


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