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dinners & rides & "look out, here she comes!"

Wed, 23 Aug 1995 11:44:27 -0700

This led me to segue into something else, hence wierd topic line. :-)

Yeah, I still plan to attend HRH The Rebel Prince's party at Geyserville.
Are we pot-lucking or will this be catered? :-)

Speaking of that ride, I'm still awaiting word as to whether my cousin
is going to go (and thus, need me as crew). Current plans call for her
to return to active competition at Las Trampas 50. Alas, I am supposed
to be in a parade that day. :-(

One or two of the California readers might remember Lynge and Lauri
Simoni and their 100-miler, Raz, from a few seasons past. Lynge and
Raz completed the 1989 Tevis (16th place, their first 100 mile ride);
Lauri and Raz did several 100s in 1992-93, gaining some top-10 places.
IMHO, lack of consistent campaigning has kept Raz from being a really
top horse. Not his fault, he's rarely had any problems! Anytrail,
he's about 13 now so it's time for him to get back into it if he's
going to. Lynge has several other prospects coming along and will
probably do 50s on those, letting Lauri ride Raz in the long races.
(Lauri is 25 and can take the physical punishment a bit better than
her mom can. :-) ) All the horses are <drum roll> flea-bitten grey
Arab geldings. Names to look for are Raz, Blue, Gray, and Cool.
Next year, Argo and Zar (the youngsters) should be ready to compete.

I just hope the ladies carry through this time and really go for it.
What they really need are horse-crazy boyfriends! (Any candidates
in their 20s to 50s let me know. ;-) )


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