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Re[2]: Swanton 100

Fend, Gary (gf@merkle.baaqmd.gov)
Tue, 22 Aug 95 12:38:17 pst

I don't have a whole lot of info on the ride but I will be glad to
tell what I know.

Yes it was a warm one but not near as bad as the Castle Rock ride
temperature or humidity wise.

The trails, I thought, were much tougher, tho. Long stretches of HARD
gravel roads, loose gravel roads, and even about 3 miles of paved
roads. Many riders were pulled for lameness on horses that were never
lame before.

The only thing I didn't like about the ride was the finish. After the
finish line, riders had to walk about 3 miles to the road where a
trailer picked them up and transported them back to camp and final
vetting. We finished at 3:00 but didn't get back to camp till after

I rode the 50 and finished 9th. :) Cinnabar's first top ten. (She's
a stud) It probably had a lot to do with the Tevis being the weekend
before and the fact that most of the fast horses rode the 100. But
when anyone asks how many riders entered I answer, "somewhere between
30 and 200."

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Subject: Re: Swanton 100
Author: linda_cowles@MENTORG.COM (Linda Cowles @ PCB x5624) at Internet
Date: 8/22/95 08:32

On Aug 22, 7:54am, Fend, Gary wrote:
> Subject: Swanton 100
> At the Swanton 100 it was reported that the second place rider
> withdrew from the race after finishing in a virtual tie for first.
> Does anyone know the story as to why the withdrawal?
>-- End of excerpt from Fend, Gary

Better yet - does anyone have ANY information on the Swanton ride?
It was hot out here this weekend, and after the Castle Rock ride,
the conditions and outcome of the Swanton Ride has been on some of
our minds...

Anyone have any news???