ridecamp@endurance.net: Vet checks/number of riders etc

Vet checks/number of riders etc

Ann Warrington (RLINARCH@WSUVM1.csc.wsu.edu)
Thu, 10 Aug 95 14:02:45 PDT

I'm wondering if the elaborate in gates/times in
methods we are discussing are necessary at smaller
rides...our ride in Idaho usually has 25-35 riders in
the 30, 35-50 in the 50 mile ride and under 20 in the
longer distances. Are these about the same numbers of
people in rides in other parts of the country ?

I'm interested in improving the flow through our
vet checks, but have been thinking its a design
problem. Like the idea of different areas for
those ready to be checked. Hey Steph, I'm saving all
these posts for ideas for next year !