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Re: Horse Toys Want List

Stacy A Berger (Stacy_A_Berger@ccm.sc.intel.com)
Mon, 07 Aug 95 16:25:00 PDT

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Hi Kathy!

I too will be at Las Trampas! You are right - there should be a big showing of
the folks that post to this list. Should be fun - especially since my last
endurance ride was Castle Rock (more stress than fun this year).

I just ordered a bunch of stuff from KV Vet Supply. They have nice neoprene
girths, both english and western. The english variety have a web center,
stainless steel hardware, and elastic straps on one end, which cost $36.99.
Nice thing about KV is that they pay shipping, and give a 2% discount for
cash/check. The other nice thing is that they don't collect sales tax if you
live outside of Nebraska. You can call them at 800-423-8211.

Look forward to meeting you and Magnum!

Stacy Berger

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