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Sand Hills Stampede, March 16-17, 30 and 55 miles

Patsy Gowen Firefoxrun@aol,com
  In my ride fliers, it states that there will be an away vet check the
second day, Sunday, March 17. This has changed. All vet checks for both
days will be in camp. I usually try to have the vet checks in camp and I
am glad that it worked out to be so for both days. I am not too fond of
away vet checks and know many that feel this way also. Just thought that
those of you that will be coming and those that think they might be would
like to know.
  Remember. March 6 is the date that applications have to be postmarked by
to not be considered late. There is a $25 late fee again this year.
  See you on the trails, Patsy Gowen.

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