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Re: Supplimenting endurance horses

>I would love to hear from everyone on what suppliments >you give your
endurance horses?  I am looking to >purchase electrolytes also and want to
know which ones >work the best and who to buy them through.  I am >feeding
my boy beet pulp, omelene 300, and going to >start preformance.  Thanks

Omolene 300 already contains an additional vit-mineral pak, so if you are
feeding more than about 4-5 pounds of it a day, you don't need additional
vitamin or mineral supplements in the daily ration---with the possible
optional exceptions of biotin, vitamin e and/or selenium, depending on your
individual circumstances.

And of course, you should always provide salt at home, and small, frequent
doses of electrolytes at rides.  As for specific brands, there are alot of
different preferences out there---most people play around with a few
different brands until they find one they and their horse likes.

Susan G

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