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Re: RC: figure 8 sidepulls?


Got the bitless bridle at the end of last season.  Tried it and liked it.  My 
ex-racehorse liked it too.  He adjusted to it quite quickly.  I have only had a 
few occasions to ride this winter on the roads and since I have not gotten real 
confident and comfortable with it, I have been using the bit.  I look forward 
to using it in the pasture to gain more experience with it.

Just a newbie's opinion,


> julie fox
> Does anybody have any words of advice regarding figure8 sidepulls, aka
> "the bitless bridle"?  I'm trying to find bridle that acts as closely as
> possible like a snaffle bit, but without a bit.  Has anybody tried this?
> Positive or Negative responses would be hugely appreciated.  Thank You!!
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