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RE: RC: What Type of Horse for Tall Rider?

Guys, I'm just under 6 ft., and I bet my legs are longer.  I'm on a 15.3 hand anglo arab, and my heels are STILL hanging down below the barrel.  About the only critterI could ride and have my heels at the bottom of the barrel is a 18 hand ire  The Anglo has a very deep heart girth, too, and is long-legged, short, wide backed, deep heart girth like Roger likes!

Hey, one of the best horses have had was 14 hand Ashley. Sure, my legs were longer than the horse.  We once saw a photo of me standing next to her, my front legs about twice as long.  Everyone just dissolved into histerics.  but, she could carry me all day.

Conformation, strength and balance are  much more important than height.


Original Message:
From: Roger Rittenhouse
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 15:29:57 -0500
Subject: RC:   What Type of Horse for Tall Rider?

I  at 6'3"  185pnds  like a tall horse 15:2 to 15:3  NOT over - then the horse
becomes too large to be agile - at least not as I would like it.
I think BODY type is more important - good wide barrel - deep in girth
 large legs big-dia- short cannons  ,  wide short coupled back.

 The tall leaner mounts look like I can just stand up over the horse,
 I dont like my legs below the girth  I want my heel at the girth line
 for balance and cueing

Thursday, February 14, 2002, 12:27:24 PM, you wrote:

gen> We are in the process of looking for a horse for my very tall husband
gen> (6'4" - all legs!). I am hoping to do some competitive trail rides this
gen> summer, and he will probably want to join me. I've never done these rides
gen> before, and I'm wondering what type of horse will work best for my husband
gen> (I have a nice little Morgan mare). Most of the horses we've seen that
gen> will be big enough for him are draft crosses - but I worry that a heavy
gen> horse like that might not handle even the 25 mile rides very well.
gen> Straight Thoroughbreds, however, tend to be all legs and not take up HIS
gen> legs.

gen> Would those of you with experience in CTR give some suggestions as to what
gen> type of horse we should try to find? If I like CTR, I may also try some
gen> limited distance endurance with my mare, but I doubt my husband will -
gen> right now, he will probably just do a few 25 mile CTRs with me.

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