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past Champions

Sue Nance
I think they were just starting weight divisions then or close to that
time (1980's) Still there was one champion in the Jr division and Sr.
Division regardlesas of the weights. I knew the complaints back then were
that the championship was a "trailer" race. The other complaint was that
you had to be either a featherwight or lightweight to be able to win the
championship. Looking back at those champions I would say not. They
competed all year long consistently and were either winning or in the top
ten, and these horses were coming back year after year to compete. I can't
give you stats on every horse, but I feel comfortable in saying this. I
agreed with the system then, the best horse/rider team was named champion.
People set a goal and went for it. Having been in flat track racing, the
race goes to the horse that is on his "A" day. Doesn't neccessarily mean
they are the best of the best overall. They were the best that day. JMHO

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