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heavy/lite/ middle weights

carla lawson
Oh for crying out freakin' Loud...Why don't we all just make it easy. If
you are heavy lose the weight I say that with extreme tounge in cheek. My
nag has been telling me to loose the lard ass for a long time. If you are
liteweight gain some add some lard or corn oil and rice bran to your
diet..try some beet pulp too. It doesn't really matter if you are heavy
lite weighed by the ounce. kilogram or by the hay bale TO FINISH IS TO
WIN. If you finish in first Great for you. If you finish last...great for
you. If you finish on foot great. riding your horse wonderful. JUST FINISH
and if you are that concerned about your weight do SOMETHING... don't nag
about the weight issues of AERC. Maybe instead of Weight devisions perhaps
we just need to go back to old school where there was number one and two
and so on and so forth. Instead of this I weigh 99 pounds and so-n-so
weighs 345 pounds yet his horse beat mine. I want my own devision. Or I
weigh 590 My horse is a thirteen hand 34 year old draft horse with bad
feet. So in so rides a 14'3 arab 7yr old and weighs 89 pounds I need my
own devision.
Maybe we should devide it to two divisions.
1) Gripe, Bitch, Moan
2) Just want to ride to have a great time.
When you get ready to write the bylaws on these two divisions let me
know..I will be happy to assist.
Carla (can't hardly wait till June 8th!!!)
Ansata (It feels great out here today wheeeeee!!)
Haley (Ohhhh Look a grass sprout...yum!)
Rob (hiding credit cards till June 9th!)

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