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Re: Re: Re: physiology of weight

Please explain privately if you would about a horse excellence award...I am
new to this ride manager thing but am looking for ways to recognize as many
people as I can for their hard work and talented horses.  I do believe even
LD deserves recognition and judging BC is one way to do that.  If you have
some other ideas, I am always willing to try new things!  :)

Our vets did not want to judge BC for the LD rides because they thought it was really difficult because most of the horses all look the same and it was not enough miles.  [No flames please, I am just putting that in as background].

Anyway, one of the ride managers and I actually think it may have been Robert and Melissa Ribley [at least that is where I first saw it] gave a horse excellence award at their ride.  It was a very nice sheepskin seat cover.  I tell our vets to just let me know if any of the horses on the LD stick out in their minds as being exceptional.  If so, they let us know and we give them the award whether they are first or last.  It is a really nice award to add to your ride.  People do like the award although we are criticized for not doing BC.

Also, most of the rides I am invoved with give the same finishing award for the LD and for the Endurance Ride....maryben

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